Such findings may as well help in developing

First of all, we are all at least a little bit vain and want our homes to be the envy of our friends, family, neighbours and even the occasional passer by. Even though PVC and metal would mould into fascinating designs, wooden conservatories have an air of elegance and lush that can’t be rivalled. Probably, we owe it to our deep and colourful history and epochs of splendour and luxury, during which wooden designs, structures and ornaments were a constant presence in the lives of our ancestors..

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This limestone townhouse presented some challenges, including the fact that at nearly 2,500 square feet, it had only one and a half baths. Lazzaro and Bennert added a third floor master suite complete with a sitting room and a spacious bathroom for the in from New York owners, who relocated for the wife’s job at Comcast. «They were very involved in the process,» says Bennert, «but also trusting with our vision of an old school look with a modern twist.».

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